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An on-going goal of the Croix Chordsmen Chorus is to improve overall singing and performance. An important element of that goal is to focus a modest amount of time at each rehearsal to our “craft” which builds a strong foundation for ever improving sound, interpretation and presentation. Below are links to brief audio recordings of lessons that have been shared with the chorus during our rehearsals.  For more information or suggestions, please contact Jay Althof.  (Althof@aol.com)

Lesson Title Lesson Description Date Presented
Craft Introduction Brief overview of the purpose and goals of the Barbershop Craft program. 4/17/18
Lesson 1 Topic 11 Improving resonance with the "dark" vowel "ah" 4/17/18
Lesson 2 Topic 12 Improving resonance with the "dark" vowel "awe" 4/24/18
Lesson 3 Topic 13 Improving resonance with the "dark" vowels "oh and oo" 4/24/18
Lesson 4 Topic 14 Improving resonance with the "dark" vowel "uh" 4/24/18
Lesson 5 Topic 4 Improving connected singing with "many mumbling mice" exercise 5/1/18
Lesson 6 Topic 2 Improving breath support and resonance with straw technique #1 5/8/18
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