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This award goes to the individual member that has contributed significantly to the well being of the chapter throughout the whole year, continuously demonstrating extra effort and achieving success above and beyond what is normally expected. This is the one "universal" Barbershop Society award that most, if not all chapters present each year.  We are very fortunate in our chapter each year to have many members deserving of this award. It speaks well for us to be able to have numerous individuals as worthy recipients, making the decision of a winner difficult. This is the most "prestigious" of the awards given. Be sure to look for the members who proudly wear their B.O.T.Y. bow tie at the annual Officer Installation Party.


'73    Len Hallquist '74    Judd Orff  '75    Bud Urtel  '76    John Patterson
'77    Tyler Smith '78    Terry Gustafson '79    George Johnson '80    Don Paulson
'81    Bill Brozek '82    Carl Quist '83    Roger Hammer '84    Judd Orff
'85    Denny Garner '86    Jim Hall '87    "Doc" Stewart '88    Dave Liebenow
'89    Fred Stenger '90    Roger Bosmoe '91    Duane Hall '92    Pat Rydberg
'93    George Everitt '94    Jim Hall  '95    Dave Liebenow '96    Charlie Payne
'97    Mac Barlass  '98    Warren Wilson '99    Jerry Kirsling '00    Tyler Smith
'01    Loren Paulson '02    Matt Hall  '03    Ken Gilmore  '04    Duane Hall
'05    Norm Becker '06    Paul Boettcher '07    Cliff Turnbull '08    Jerry Herbst
'09    Adam Blegen '10    Judd Orff  '11    Bud Urtel   '12    Michael Franssen
'13    John Roeber   '14    Ruwal Freese '15    Jeff Knight '16    Joel Ortman
'17    Ron House '18   Jay Althof    
The panel that selects this award winner is the last two BOTY winners and the last Swede Olson award winner.  The actual bow ties and BOTY pins for the current and succeeding years are stored by our Chapter Historian, Don Paulson.


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