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The Croix Chordsmen Memorial Award was instituted in 1986. The award was originally named "The Charlie Palmer Award" and is traditionally presented to the chapter member who best demonstrates an outstanding level of participation in the chapter activities during the past year.  Charlie Palmer was a real "spark plug" in the chapter year after year.  The award name was changed to include many other chapter members who exhibited those same qualities and have since joined Charlie in the "Chapter in the Sky."


'86    Dennis Garner '87    Carl Quist '88    Bill Brozek '89    Roger Bosmoe
'90    Bud Urtel  '91    Eric Horn '92    Jim Hall '93    CarI Quist
'94    Roger Bosmoe  '95    Jerry Gibson '96    Ken Gilmore '97    Tom Kurkoski
'98    Art Warnke '99    Tom Kurkoski '00    Bud Urtel '01    Mike Franssen
'02    Paul Boettcher '03    Carl Quist '04    Paul Boettcher '05    Bud Urtel 
'06    Dick Kelm (tie) '06    Lorrel Popp (tie) '07   Dick Kelm '08    Tyler Smith
'09    Dick Kelm '10    Dick Kelm '11    Dick Kelm '12    Dick Kelm
'13    Dick Kelm (tie) '13    John Roeber (tie) '14    Dick Kelm '15    Dick Kelm
'16    Dick Kelm '17    Louis Nosan '18    Dick Kelm  


The panel that selects this award winner is the Board of Directors for that year.


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